Artist Collective (2008)

Transforming an old mill space into a artist collective.

In 2007, myself and three friends started the artist collective 17 Mules in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. Much like the space itself, the name was a collage of found objects; seventeen was my age at the time and Mules were listed as an asset of the original (1900) tenant of the warehouse. Using mostly found materials, we transformed an empty warehouse into a vibrantly experimental home where we curated art exhibits, hosted music shows, and enjoyed tremendous creative freedom. As one of the space’s curators, I drew much of my inspiration from the larger art scene and the legacy of collectives such as Fort Thunder. 17 Mules was a foundational project for me; it provided the freedom to create on my own terms, allowed me to collaborate with a diverse artistic community, and taught me invaluable lessons about resourceful innovation.

The following photos document my time at 17 Mules and best represent the imaginative spirit of the space.